Performance Operations - Part Time

Achievers Lanka Business School (Pvt) Ltd - Colombo

Lectures for Performance Operations (PO or P1) are conducted by Mr. Shehan Adikari. All part time classes were held @ the kohuwala branch, which has now been moved to bambalapitiya.

There were about 200 students when the class began but later that number dropped to around 150. There was plenty of space in the classroom provided but the people @ the very last rows would have had problems seeing the board.

Shehan sir in my opinion is one of the best lecturers for this subject. He explains all the theories in detail,which is not necessary according to the syllabus, but this greatly helps you to understand the logic behind what you are learning. For me this is very important rather than memorizing some formula and applying it directly like robots. If you have a doubt you can clarify it with him personally. He can be a bit lazy sometimes and some people may not like the fact that he finishes the syllabus only 1 week before the exam.

There is one more problem that needs mentioning. Shehan sir is very open and and will insult you a sometimes. He is not serious when he does it but some people may find this annoying, especially girls. I know a few girls who quit the class giving this as the reason which is stupid because frankly it's not that bad, his insulting. But that's just my opinion.

Overall there is nothing much to complain about. The crowd in the class is pretty decent and the staff are pretty helpful. If you are following the CIMA curriculum Achievers Part time is one of the best options for P1.

22 Nov 2013



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