Financial Operations - Full Time(Pravinth Rajaratnam)

Imperial College - Colombo Branch
Imperial College

Financial Operations ( FO or F1) lectures are conducted by Mr. Pravinth Rajaratnam.

The lectures are nicely presented and he does not use double entries to solve sums. Which is a relief because I hate double entries. Instead he uses a more logical approach which is very easy to understand. He will tell you the double entry if you really want to know but he does not take any effort to teach it to you because it is not tested at the exam. It is a waste of time to draw t-diagrams and do the double entry.

WARNING! You WILL fall asleep in his class at least once. You cant really blame the lecturer for this one because FO is a very boring subject. That said there are people who love it and I respect that. But sometimes even they fall asleep. This is the industry standard for FO. You WILL fall asleep.

You get a pretty good text when you pay for the course. It is very useful. Pravinth does not give many notes, he will explain the theory and the note is in you text which he will refer to if needed. You get most of the past papers in that book as well and some questions from the previous syllabus(2004 - 2010)

He is very friendly and helps you out with your problems. (Stuff related to the subject not family problems). But he did help out one of my friends who had screwed up his exam registration.

The crowd is pretty decent and not too many students also. He will not force you to memorize theories and bring you to the board and ask questions, its up to you to learn.

Overall F1 at Imperial sounds good. If you've chosen to follow it you will not regret it.

25 Nov 2013



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